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Entry #2

Horrible Madness tributes.

2007-07-21 10:06:28 by Thatcrazyman

OK, what's wrong with the Newgrounds community and Madness Tributes? Eh? Somehow, little 'tests' which are composed of cheap/stolen sprites and horrid animation, end up passing with a 2 or a 3 and general acceptance in reviews. But when someone makes a good madness tribute, he/they get flamed for "copying krinkels", since for SOME REASON, they can't grab the concept of the word 'TRIBUTE' conjoined with 'MADNESS'

I, frankly, think the general community is made up of retards. And the internet community of money -bound retards who can get an internet connection because they were lucky enough to be spawned out of parents with an income.

Madness Day '07 (Tribute) is well under way, and featuring some great artists.


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2007-07-30 20:05:16

hai tcm


2007-07-31 06:35:32

Man I totally agree. They vote zero just because it is a madness tribute, completly annoying the actuall hard work put into the movies, then you head over to their profile, and there is some dumb stick fight.


2007-09-09 20:16:40

your right,but i would never blam a madness animation without seeing it first, and god.. hopefully those half shit noobs wont blam anything good on madness day.


2008-03-19 17:34:19



2008-03-29 19:16:22

LOL I bet you made this because of me a year ago on the same day WOAH go me XD!!!!


2010-08-22 23:38:54

you are dead, am i right ?


2010-12-27 01:22:19

whos doing this


2011-04-22 21:29:07

Yeah some madness fan tributes really do blow ass.